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Outpatient Lab

The South Bruce Grey Health Centre provides outpatient lab services to Walkerton and surrounding areas through our Outpatient Collection centers with routine testing performed off-site by Dynacare and urgent/same day testing performed in-house. Utilizing an appointment-based system, our Walkerton site provides collection services to roughly 20, 000 patients a year.

Outpatient Lab


In April 2022, SBGHC joined the Interhospital Laboratory Partnership (IHLP) to provide our hospital with the outsourced laboratory testing and pathology services that are not able to be performed within SBGHC on-site laboratories. With this partnership, our organization will achieve standardization, not only of policies and procedures, but instruments as well. Within the first year of membership, SBGHC Labs implemented a new coagulation analyzer (STAGO) and semi-automated transfusion medicine (SAXO) equipment. In the following year, the organization will see a new chemistry platform with haematology equipment replacement scheduled in 2024 to complete standardization. As part of our partnership with the IHLP, we have also added on-site testing to support our robust OR and Family Birthing unit, most notably with on-site Fibrinogen testing to support our new Code Transfusion protocol.

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