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Diagnostic Imaging

As one of the busiest Diagnostic Imaging Departments in rural Ontario, performing over 40,000 exams each year, we are proud to be home to first Computed Tomography scanner in rural Ontario. Diagnostic Imaging is completely interconnected with tertiary level care by offering Sub-Specialty reading of high- end imaging modalities and by participating in the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network regional PACS platform. Our Walkerton Imaging department also has on-site radiology presence for consultation and supporting imaging needs with Radiology “on-call” after hours for a seamless 24/7 service.

“The delivery of modern health care is optimized if our hospital systems are electronically linked. Our SBGHC hospitals are well-served with state-of-the-art technology that allows images to be shared for specialist review while allowing patients to access their care close to home. This is a very good news story.” - Dr. Donald Taves, Radiologist at SBGHC and St Joseph Health Care London

“Upgrading to the Regional PACS is a major step forward in modernizing our Imaging Department. Not only do we now have the more advanced tools of a modern PACS compared to our old system, we are now completely interconnected throughout the Regional system and patient information and patient images can be readily accessed by anyone authorized to see them throughout the system. This will be a big step forward in improving patient care.” - Dr. Douglas Mowbray, SBGHC Radiologist


Computed Tomography (CT)

The Walkerton CT scanner features significantly advanced diagnostic capabilities and leading image quality, with reduced radiation exposure for patients. The Siemens Drive is only the second deployment of this advanced technology in community hospitals throughout Canada. The CT suite in Walkerton is used by SIEMENS Canada as a national show site for promoting this technology to other health care organizations.
The CT program at South Bruce Grey Health Centre’s Walkerton site serves a diverse patient population in Southern Grey and Bruce Counties for emergency/trauma scans, cancer diagnosis and follow-up, and participates in regional protocol standardization initiatives.

First CT patient

Staff Training on CT


Mammography and Breast Assessment Program

The South Bruce Grey Health Centre Walkerton site is one of the provincially designated locations that offer the Ontario Breast Screening Program. The Mammography suite was recently updated with state of the art equipment Seno Pristina Digital Mammography System from GE Healthcare. The Walkerton site also houses SBGHC Breast Assessment Program where patients are referred to for diagnostic workup. Technology utilized includes, Tomosynthesis (3D anatomical view) as well as the areas first Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (injection of X-ray dye through an IV to highlight blood vessels). In addition to these technological advancements, the program and equipment also has many features that will improve comfort and accessibility for patients and staff, including rounded edges and a heated surface, and expanded positioning of the machine.

Kim Neil in Mammo Suite


Walkerton has a dedicated sonography team with specialized trained Ultrasonographers whom perform all general imaging in addition to biopsies, needle localizations. Ultrasound services are offered 7 days a week. Our Walkerton Ultrasound program completes a high volume of Obstetrical examinations complimenting the Birthing Centre and creating a women’s health focus.


X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

The Walkerton Xray department offers a full array of general radiography imaging but also is the hub for fluoroscopy and specialized gastric procedures. This program features highly trained Medical Radiation Technologists (MRT’s) who perform gastric related imaging such as barium swallows, Upper GI’s, and Barium Enemas.

XRay Machine


Walkerton offers a fully accredited Echocardiography program that is supported by tertiary level cardiologists who also conduct ambulatory clinics on-site. This service is available for outpatients, emergency, and inpatients. In addition to offering our core Echocardiography both bubble studies and contrast are standards of care.