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Bringing Doctors, Medical Students and High School Students Together........


DISCOVERY WEEK -  Every year, four 1st year medical students spend a week at the SBGHC to experience rural medical practice. They shadow a different doctor each day, observing everything from obstetrics to treatment of farm injuries. They then return to their classroom with a Powerpoint presentation of what they have learned.

PRECEPTORS -    Dr. Paul and Dr. Sue McArthur both hold adjunct professor appointments at Western University, and have active teaching practices regularly hosting one to two month rotations for medical students.

MedLINCS -  For many years, the Bruce Grey MedLINCS program was considered the model for others in the province. Three 1st year medical students would spend five weeks gaining clinical experience at one of the local Health Centres, and then use their 6th week to run a medical career camp for 30 high school students from the area.
The Medlincs program has been on hiatus since the 2016 season, and unfortunately, will not likely be renewed.  For more information, visit the Schulich website.


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The Mock Disaster

The Mock Disaster